Vaginal Yeast Infection Symptoms

by Kathy on April 9, 2013

Vaginal yeast infection is one of the most common ailments affecting women today. Candidiasis is another name for this kind of vaginal yeast infection since it’s caused by Candida Albicans, a fungus which resembles yeast to a great extent. In normal circumstances, Candida Albicans is a harmless fungus that is generally found on the skin. It occurs in moist and dark regions of the body. Generally Candida Albicans helps in maintaining and controlling the microorganisms present in the body. This fungus is also kept in check by a bacterium. Sometimes, certain causes may cause the death of this bacterium which may result in an unrestrained growth of this fungus which causes the vaginal yeast infection.

There are certain vaginal yeast infection symptoms which are the tell tale signs of the infection in the body. The infection can be cured if caught early. When left to itself, this infection it may damage the reproductive system completely or even cause death.

Here are some of the vaginal yeast infection symptoms:

• Severe Itching: This is one of the most prominent vaginal yeast infection symptoms. It may occur in phases or continuously. Generally, the patient feels the itching in the vagina and the surrounding areas. The itching bouts may be so intense that the patient may not be able to walk or run at the time.

• Painful urination: Most of times in yeast infections, the patient experiences a pain while urinating. However, the location of the pain is an important factor in discerning whether it is one of the vaginal yeast infection symptoms or a urinary tract infection (UTI). The basic rule of the thumb is that if the patient feels the sensation of pain on the outside of vagina while urinating, then there are greater chances of vaginal yeast infection. If the pain is felt in the urinary tract during urination, then it’s UTI.

• External appearance: The external appearance of vagina and the neighboring area will be slightly red in color. This is due to the increased blood supply in the affected area as the body tries to send white blood cells to fight the infection.

• Soreness: In case of vaginal yeast infection, the vaginal area is generally sore and at times quite painful to touch. The sexual intercourse may also become a painful affair due to the sourness. This may also be due to the inflammation of the vagina.

• Vaginal discharge: One of the key vaginal yeast infection symptoms, the vaginal discharge can be yellow, white or even colorless. Generally the discharge resembles cottage cheese in appearance. It usually has a distinct odor and the smell may resemble bread or beer.

Besides these major symptoms, there are certain vaginal yeast infection symptoms as well. These include:

1. irritability

2. depression

3. fatigue

4. memory loss

Although people may not associate these symptoms with the vaginal yeast infection, the main cause of these symptoms is the prevailing infection and inflammation in the body.

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