Are Yeast Infections Contagious?

by Kathy on April 9, 2013


If your doctor has just diagnosed you with a yeast infection then you may be wondering “are yeast infections contagious?” You may even want to know if your children or partner may get the infection from you. It’s quite natural to want that your partner and children remain safe from these infections.

Hence, to answer your question about are yeast infections contagious or not, the answer is yes. Yeast infections are quite infectious and they can spread via direct contact and other mediums as well. One of the most common ways that yeast infections spread by is through sexual intercourse or even oral sex. If a mother has yeast infection, then her newborn can also get the infection through normal birth and breastfeeding. If the hospital or the clinic does not follow the correct guidelines for maintaining hygiene, then yeast infections can spread through medical apparatus like nasogastric tubes and catheters used for patients.

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Yeast spreads like bacteria by the medium of physical contact. However, the picture is not as grim as it appears. The good part is that yeast is not like a virus; hence physical contact is essential for it to spread whereas a virus can infect the body through the air. Moreover, even when physical contact occurs, there are a lot of factors which determine whether or not a person develops yeast infection. It’s important to understand that we have a variety of yeast or fungus present in our body which even helps us in many processes. Yeast infection only happens when this fungi starts multiplying due to various factors.


Most of the times, people who have a weakened immune system due to various problems like HIV infection are the people who develop yeast infections. Similarly for people who have problems like diabetes or take antibiotics or any kind of immunosuppressant due to various reasons. Poor hygiene also aids in the development of a yeast infection whether in your surroundings or body. Hence, stop wondering about whether yeast infections are contagious or not. Instead think about enhancing your immunity by maintaining proper hygiene and avoiding antibiotics and resorting to natural cures.

Another way of stopping the yeast infection from spreading is to completely abstain from any kind of sex till you and your partner are completely free from any kind of infections. Whether it’s a vaginal or a penile infection, there are many kinds of antifungal treatments available which can help you in getting rid of the infection in less than a week. You have choice between over the counter medicines or natural treatments like garlic to cure your yeast infection.

There are many parents who also are constantly wondering “are yeast infections contagious?” Generally babies who have normal delivery may contract a yeast infection from the mother while passing through the birth canal. This yeast infection may appear as thrush in babies and may cause feeding related problems. However, it is quite controllable and all you need to do is maintain proper hygiene. Make sure that your baby’s mouth is cleaned thoroughly prior to and post feeding. You need to disinfect all the utensils used. Diaper rashes are also another tell tale sign of yeast infections, hence you need to watch out for them.

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